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History Lives Here Text



Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society Newsletter

Historical Inserts


Vol. 5- August 2007-October 2008, p. 466-507


P465-468- An Historic Burial Site at Saugatuck, Michigan

P469-472- Hattie's 1876 Journal

P473-479- Our Early Days at Pier Cove-by Jeanette Dunster Studley

P480- Hattie's 1876 Journal

P481-482- Three Additional Victims Aboard the Chicora

P483-484- Hattie's 1876 Journal

P488-496- Rural Community Study of Saugatuck, Michigan- by Ragna Randolph 1941

P497-500- Remembrances of The Red Barn- by Mary Ann Curtis

P501-502- Some Went This Way-Robert Fletcher Seymour

P503-504- Growing Up In the Community- Kathy Tisdale Sturm

P505-506- Lillian Grimes Eddy

P507-508- Carl Hoerman- by Sylvia Randolph; Hoerman Log Cabin