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Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society Newsletter

Historical Inserts


Vol. 1- March 1996-July 1999, p. 1-120


P1- Archivist Corner- Flag From Brittain House; Why Some Records Are Unfindable

P2-Saugatuck-Douglas Bookshelf- May Heaths Memories of Saugatuck-how to distinguish between editions

P3-4- Local History Sent From England

P5-6- Saugatuck-The Iris Town; Prentice Correspondence; Archivist Corner-Singapore Bank Money

P7-8- Mt Baldhead; Saugatuck-Douglas Bookshelf-1880 History of Allegan County; Lake Street Bordello

P9-10- Just Passing Through- Hobo Camp and Gypsies; Pleasure Excursion to Newark-1859 story from Grand Haven News

P11-12- Archivist Corner-Carl Mauch painting; Pavilion Memories

P13-14- We All Scream For Ice Cream; Pavilion Memories

P15-16- Early Days of the Saugatuck Oval; Saugatuck-Douglas History Bookshelf-Saugatuck Michigan (1947)

P17- New York Reporter Describes a Trip to Saugatuck in 1853; Archivist Corner- Richter Map of Saugatuck

P18-19- Saugatuck-Douglas History Bookshelf- Saugatuck Art Colony-by George Coutoumanos; Old Newspaper Items

P20- Pavilion Memories

P21-24- The Bards of Saugatuck, Saugatuck-Douglas History Bookshelf-Poetry

P25-27- Art Study in Saugatuck-Ox-Bow, Taylor Art School, AK Studio

P28- Saugatuck-Douglas History Bookshelf- Art

P29-32- General History Of Education and Schools

P33-36- History of the SHS Class of 1905; Chronology of Saugatuck Schools; 1901 Union School Rules; Saugatuck-Douglas History Bookshelf- James Sheridan Saugatuck Through the Years

P37-38- We Reap a Harvest

P39- Heistand Livery; Paintings at Fruit Growers Bank

P40- An Old Apple Tree

P41-44- Excerpts from American Plan by Celia Gamble House

P45-46- A Visit to Newark- from 1857 Holland Register; A Young Waitress Remembers

P47-48- State of the Resort, 1924

P49-51- Biography of a House

P52- Potato Shooters; Saugatuck-Douglas History Bookshelf- Early Days in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan (1909?)

P53- Notes on the New and Old Harbor, by an Old Fisherman

P54- Information About Baldhead

P55- Traces of the Original Settlers of Saugatuck

P56- What Ho, My Ancients- an anonymous poem

P57-59- History of Saugatuck Yacht Club; Waiting Tables in Saugatuck

P60- Grapevine Swings

P61- Nautical Adventures of John Wheeler

P62- Toadville, USA

P63-64- George Rickey, Master of Kinetic Sculpture

P65-67- Airports of the Saugatuck-Douglas Area

P68- Letterheads of Firms Doing Business With The Airport- 1947-49

P69- O.C. Simonds Sketch and Quotation

P70- A Brand New Settlement Named Newark

P71-72- The Gage Cottage; Another Airport

P73-74-From Ohio to Michigan by Sailing Vessel; An Old Autograph Book

P75-76- Edwin H. House, a "Friend to Man"

P77-78- Carl Bird - His Shop

P79- The Old Ferry Store

P80- "O, Who Will Row Me To Saugatuck Town?"

P81-84- The May Family

P85-86- The Other Francis Offspring; Letter To A Friend-from Edna Boyce; George T. Arnold Clipping

P87-88- Van Leeuwen Family; Filling Stations and Service Stations

P89- Letter From Albert Krehbiel to His Son

P90-91- Saugatuck, My Utopia-Ann Wells; Harbor Club/Hotel Liquidation Sale

P92- Pioneer Daniel Variell and Family

P93-96- Heroes, Rogues and Just Plain Folks

P97- Everyday Life In May; Exploring Underwater

P98- Problems With The Sand

P99-100- Heroes, Rogues and Just Plain Folks

P101-102- To Push A Mountain in the Sea

P103-104- Heroes, Rogues and Just Plain Folks

P105-106- Adventures on the Kalamazoo

P107-108- Heroes, Rogues and Just Plain Folks

P109-110- Celebrating the Bicentennial of the U.S.

P111-112- Heroes, Rogues and Just Plain Folks

P113-114- Raising the Bedrooms: The Alvord-Vosburgh Cottage Pair (pt1)

P115-116- "Food Glorious Food"

P117-118- School Picnics on Baldhead; Passenger Boats in Port Saugatuck

P119-120- Raising the Bedrooms: The Alvord-Vosburgh Cottage Pair (pt2)