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History Lives Here Text

SEPTEMBER 28, 1923




O ho! Ye-ho ! Ho-ye-ho!

Who's for the ferry?

The trees are in bud and the sun's going down.

I haven't a ticket,

I haven't a penny

O,who will row me to Saugatuck town?


'Were the ferryman slim and the ferryman young,

With just an Irish lilt at the end of his tongue,

He's as fleet as anantelope, strong, sure and steady.

O, who will row me to Saugatuck town?

O-ho ! Ye-ho ! Ho-ye-ho ! Ho-ye-ho-ho !


OnSaugatuck shore is the bend of the river

The swift-flowing river, the Kalamazoo.

On "Old Baldhead's" banks the white pines are guarding

The ripple and slip of the redskin's canoe.

Mayflowers and violets grow in the vales;

Trilliums, they carpet and crown the side-hills.

O, the spring of the year is a wondrous time

For Denny to row you to Saugatuck town.

O-ho, Ye-ho, Ho-ye-ho, Ho-ye-ho-ho!


Old Saugatuck town, where the redskins did dwell-

The white folk are pitching their tents on the green;

A pretty white pike stretches right through the town,

Of the fruit-laden orchards of ye Kalamazoo.

There's an old-fashionedferry, unique in its way-

An attraction found nowhere 'cept in old Saugatuck.

Sweet are the memories of that dear old ferry-

'Twas a kiss from pretty Nan that got heracross

To Saugatuck town,


The glory of the sunset is a marvel of beauty;

The high lights reflect inthe far eastern sky:

The artists with brush paint the brilliance of nature

When across old Lake Michigan the sun'sabout to die.

"With sails set the ship ventures to follow its light,

And the birds of the sea bring a message to me

That safe in the harbor is our Nannie Lee-

From Saugatuck town.