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Hattie's 1876 Journal

(Continued from Page 480)

Wednesday 1st March There is deep snow on the ground.

Thursday 2nd Mrs. Doane was at Mr. Zwemers tonight.Also Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Zwemer.

Friday 3rd Mrs. Doane, Mrs. Paris and Mrs. Estabrookecame to see the school on Friday. On our way hone Papa had to step at Mr. ferryGoshorns and at Mr. Dunns to see Mrs. Ellis, Then we came out from there we metJohn Underwood. He was riding because he thought it would do lion goad. Poorboy. He looked very pale and miserable. Charlie was here this eve.

Saturday 4th John brought Nellie here to see me thismorn and about dinner time he came after her but she had eaten dinner yet, sohe went away and came again about two oclock. he looked as if he would faint hewas so pale. I feel sorry for him and yet I can't help despising him. WhileNellie was there Uncle Harvey came to invite me to their house this afternoon.So I went up with Bert and Louise Breuckmann. Miss Ensign and Mr. Martin fromGraafschap were also there. After tea Charlie cane up there for one to gosleighriding. It has been so warm yesterday and today that the sleighing wasvery poor but we rode till prayer meeting time and then again after it wasover. Then I went up to Charlie's house to borrow his mother's overshoes whileCharlie put away the horse. then we went home.

Sunday 5th rainy, it was communion. Jennie Tedmon andMrs. Mason joined the church. Concert in the evening. "I'd tell them to betrue."

Monday 6th warm but cloudy. Rainy toward evening.There was a cousin of the Zwemer children here named Dolman.

Tuesday 7th Colder. Received a letter from my darlingthis eve.

Wednesday 8th Sent a letter to Charlie this morning. finishedMamma's scrap bag today and commenced one for myself. Mine is famed with blueand hers with red yarn.

Thursday 9th Another letter came from Charlie tonightAlso a patent lead pencil. Mrs. Zwemer was away visiting today.

Friday 10th Very warm today. Papa came far me asusual Charlie and I event boating in the eve, afterwards went home and Charliespent the eve. It thundered and rained very hard while he was going hone.

Saturday 11th I went down town this afternoon toget a new dress and same other things. Went to Mrs. James Williams to getan apron pattern on the way net Kit and she went down there with me and thenhome with me afterwards. We went to Barber's for my dress and then boughtsame oranges, and we went home, mamma and Papa went up to Uncle Harvey'sand came back before tea.

Charlie and Kit and I went to prayer meting but were late,we called at Prides when went to take Kit home. Went up home with her andstayed a few minutes then we went to his house and had some custard pie. thenhome again but Charlie did not cane in, we almost had a spat tonight atEd's,

Sunday 12th Everything as usual. Choir meeting at half pastfive. quite a large congregation in the eve. Some fellows from Douglas over.

Monday 13th Pretty cold. Y wrote answer to some of thechildren's letters. I am going to board at Mr. Hoadleys a weeks.

Tuesday 14th Sent a letter to Charlie today. Oh. How l wouldlike to see horn tonight. I cannot wait three days longer.

Wednesday 15th rainy and sleety and windy

Thursday 16th it sleeted all night and this morning. thisafternoon the wind blew the ice off the trees in most places.

Friday 17th Snowed all night and nearly all day though thesun shone some this afternoon. Charlie was here this eve.

Saturday 18th went to Mrs. Williams this afternoon and tookthat apron home to the drug store to get some reward cards to Emma Johnsonsstore to see about a costume for our centennial tea meeting that is to come offweek after next, from there to Johnsons from there to Johnsons store to get apaper cambric then to Mrs. Drakes to get her to mare my dress. went in theevening to the prayer meeting and after that to Charlies to eat maple sugar.they were selling for the benefit of the Methodist church.

Sunday 19th went to church and SS to choir meeting at halffour and stayed to evening service. I lost one of my gloves tonight. This mornLou Breuckmann Fan Upham and I were alone in the choir.

Monday 20th somewhat stormy. I commenced my dress for theCentennial.

Tuesday 21st Very stormy. I worked on any dress before cameto school. Papa came for me to go home to practice for the concert- Charliecame for me to go to church and came for me there to go home again.

Wednesday 22nd Came out to school. We had visitors at schoolthis afternoon. Miss Emma Hock and Miss Lora Young, a niece of Mrs. Paris,Anson asked me up there to a candy pull this eve. so I went.

Thursday 23rd A beautiful day. All the snow is going. Istayed at Paris all night. Am sleepy today.

The journal stops here. Hattie and Charles were marred laterin 1876 when both were 21 years old. They lived above the starein. Saugatuckr then moved to a small house on thesquare and then to the old Samuel Johnson home (later Frolic Resort) on.Allegan Street The couple had seven children. Charles died in 1941, Hattie in1944.