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Hattie's 1876 Journal

(Continued from Page 472)

Friday, 18th (cont) About ten of us went up and called onMr. Bowen and his bride last evening. papa and I stopped at Uncle Harvey's aswe came home and Marcia came down with us to go to the choir meeting. Charliecame from me and we went but they didn't have any, but we all helped number theSS books. Charlie went to writing school.

Saturday 19th went to prayer meeting in the evening downtown in the afternoon to get some zephyr. Was weighed. My weight is 120 pounds.

Sunday 20th Everything as usual, had ten boys in my class.We had choir meeting at five oclock.

Monday 21st Same snow today. Fred McK came to school.Tuesday 22nd More snow.

Wednesday 23rd Mrs. Paris and I went over to Mr. Estabrookslast night and stayed all night. Mrs. Estabrooke lent me her ring til the nexttime I see her.

Thursday 24th A beautiful and sunshiny day., Mr. Hock[?] andhis son and daughter spent the eve with us this evening also Mr. and Mrs.Estabrooke. I gave Lillie her ring.

Friday 25th Another nice day. Mr. Paris engaged me to teachhere next term. Mamma and Papa were invited to Mr. James Williams totea and they went just after I got home. Mamma spent the eve. Papa went toLodge and brought Mamma home with him. Charlie was here with me.

Saturday 26th Went down town this after noon to get somesamples at Johnsons for a dress but could get none to suit me. Then went toBurns to ask Jo to show me how to make a scrap bag for Mamma. My eyes troubleme so that I can't work on my tidy any more at present. Called on Mrs. Barberto borrow her afghan needle then went over to Josie's again to borrow her scrapbag. then to Barbers to get some yarn and then upstairs again and took Mrs.Barber's afghan needle back because it was too small and went home with Mrs.Fred and looked at her scrap bag &c and their home. Charlie was there, ofcourse. they have had great times in the church lately. They all turned on papalast Sunday (the 22nd) and abused him, the minister with the rest, because hesaid that Mr. Taylor ought to be more spiritual. Mrs. Hibberdine went awaySunday. Kittie is living at Henry Birds's Charlie and Papa and I went to prayermeeting this eve led by Mr. Taylor.

Sunday 27th Sleety and disagreeable. Went to church and SSand evening service as usual.

Monday 28th Papa brought me out in the cutter this morning.I am to board at Zwemer's this week.

Tuesday 29th Snowed all day very hard. Mary Dennis and MaggieDonald came to see about getting this school.

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