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Hattie's 1876 Journal

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Tuesday 30th Rather pleasant day. Johnnie Zwemer brought mea letter from Charlie this morn. Papa stopped here on his way to Bush's to tellme that Charlie was at home all safe.

Friday 3rd I got so homesick I had to go home lastnight. I walked to Wallins and went down to prayer meeting. Mr. Lock walkedfrom Perry Goshorn's to the tannery with me. Lizzie and I went around town somebefore prayer meeting to Johnson's and to the drug store. The Underwood boys wereat the church. Lizzie took me out this morn. Papa brought me home tonight.Charlie and I went to Johnson's to the social. We went to his house first andwaited for him to dress. I flirted with Jim like fury tonight, and apparentlyenjoyed myself hugely I suppose, but in reality I would have preferred to havebeen at home with Charlies.

Saturday 4th Charles was here this afternoon. Iwalked downtown with him. Stopped and looked at his stereoptic views and thenwent calling. Called at Linas and Eve Johnson fixed my hair a little. Called onMrs. Philbrooke, also Mrs. Coates and Mrs. Henry. Went and told Will that thesocial might be at Mrs. Coates. then came home. Charlie was here this eve.

Sunday 5th Charlie was here to oysters after church.Came after me to go to church in the eve. Only Emn, Mr Pride, Mr. Dune andmyself in the choir and no organist. very few out. Received an invitation toJessie Morrison's wedding.

Saturday 11th I forgot to take my journal out last Monday soI shall have to write from memory. Monday the 6th Walter went to seeabout his school and rode right behind us. When he came back in the afternoonhe stopped at the school house and after school he took me to my board place -Mr. Doanes. Wednesday the 8th was Jessie's wedding day. I expected togo, but papa brought me word in the morning that Charles was not invited so Iwould not go.

Friday 10th I came home with papa as usual. Charlie was herein the eve, brought some cider and a letter for me. I was busy all thisSaturday morning. This afternoon Jimmie Underwood came before I was dressed andstayed to tea. Then after he went away I went down town to get some things tomake Charlie a Christmas present. He got to the house before I got back andcame down again and met me at Linns and then we came home.

Sunday 12th Sloppy and slippery and windy today. Charliecame after me this morning to go to church. Also in the afternoon to go to LiraChadburn's to practice some Christmas songs. Afternoon called at Lina's far meto go to church. A goad many out but "the Underwood boys" were notthere. I wrote to my own father and to Aunt Katie this eve after returning fromchurch.

Monday 13th Windy this morn when we came out. I commenced ahandkerchief box for Charlie. Ida Weaver is at Mrs. Doane's.

Saturday 14th Busy all the morning. Lizzie came to tell Papato see Mrs. Perry who is nursing Mrs. Wallin and who is sick. This afternoonMamma and Papa went riding. Mrs. Barber called. Afterwards, I wove hair.Charlie was here.

Sunday 15th Rainey. I put my SS class with Mamma's and Itaught Miss Ensign's class. Rainy this eve.

Monday 15th Warm I am to board at McClair's again.

Tuesday 16th I pulled my tiddy all out. I had one side of theborder done and commenced it all over again.

Wednesday 18th I have boxed the ears of three or four boystoday. Mr. and Mrs. McClair and I went over to Paris's last night. We sang and danced&tc. papa went by the school house this morning with a spotted dogfollowing him. Thursday 19th School went off pleasantly. Quite a pleasant day.

Friday 20th School rather noisy. did not have any recessthis afternoon. Charlie was at our house.

Monday 24th Saturday was cloudy and gloomy. Papa and Mammawent riding. I wove hair. Marcia and Allie called. Mile stayed all night.Charlie was here and we had some buternuts. Yesterday we had a very fullcongregation, both morning and evening at our church. Mill Johnson was home fora day or two but returned to Grand Rapids last night.

Tuesday 25th had a call from Miss Collins from Douglas today. she wants to engage their school for nextterm. And as I told the director some time ago that I would not teach in thesummer, I presume they will hire her.

Monday 31st Last Friday, the 28th Papa came after me, asusual and he said I was invited to a party at Lizzie's. In the evening Charlieand I went, we had a splendid time. John Underwood was there and that was thefirst time I have had any thing to do with him since he returned from Ohio. I only did thatbecause it would not have been polite to do otherwise at Lizzie's. It snowedSaturday the 29th. Charlie was at our house in the eve. I went down town in theafternoon. Yesterday everything as usual. I have taken Mrs. Henry Bird's classpermanently. Most all the pupils sick. A beautiful morning. 0 how happy I amthis winter. compared to last or any other time in my life. God is so good tome, and yet I do not please him as I might. May he forgive me and help me to dobetter for Jesus' sake. I ? singing "0 Praise the Lord" this morning.I wrote to Kittie Hibberdine today. Poor girl. She and I have been such friendsand I have cruelly neglected her lately, she looked so sad in church that todayI wrote to her to forgive me for [?J. I am to boxed at Mr. Doane's this week.

Tuesday 1st Feb. Mr. McClair went by Doanes this morning andI sent nice letter to mail to Kittie Hibberdine. It is cold weather now.

Wednesday 2nd Cold and stormy. I have caught cold.

Thursday 3rd Mr. Doane was going by theschoolhouse this morn so I rode with him. I gave my note to Charlie to give tohim when he went to town this afternoon. he did not go, but Mrs. Doane went andbrought me a letter from Charlie. this eve Mr. and Mrs. Paris and Mr. and Mrs.Estabrooke were to call at Doanes.

Friday More pleasant than yesterday. Not so cold.

Monday 7th Sick all day. I had such a cough lastnight papa gave me some morphine and it made me so sick that I vomited two orthree times.

Tuesday 8th Better, but have still a headache.

Wednesday 9th Headachey. It rained last night and allday.

Thursday 10th Received a letter from Charlie. Mr. McClairarrived home from the lumber woods.

Friday 11th Fred McKnight brought the news this morn thatJohnson's Store and Wilson'ssaloon were burned last night. And when I reached home I found it was true. thetown greatly excited over it. Charlie of course was there. Mr. Pride came upfor him to go down and put up a prescription. I went down with him. Afterwardswe went to see the ruins. Afterwards home.

Saturday 12th Wove hair. Mamma went calling. Mrs. Hanchettcalled while she was gone. Also little Jessie House and Marcia Scovil andAlice. Mr. Underwood came for papa to go and see John. He is very sick. I guessit is consumption. Poor boy I'm sorry for him any way if he is hateful.

Sunday Jessie stayed all night. Everything as usual. Itrained in the eve.

Monday 14thg A little snow today. I feel very well todayconsidering it is Monday. I most always feel miserable on Mondays.

Tuesday 15th More snow. I am so nervous I can hardly bestill a minute and have been very cold in school in consequence.

Wednesday loth Almost sick. I don't see what I should bemiserable so much of the time this winter. I felt so well in the fall andforepart of the winter. have written three sheets to Charlie this week andexpect to write one more. I have been reading Dickens "Oliver Twist and"Christmas Stories" this week.

Thursday 17th Had a fuss with Fred McKnight thisafternoon at recess.

Friday 18th Fred sent a note this morning saying he wassorry for what he had done, and would do better if I would let him come back,so I sent him word he could.

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