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Hattie's 1876 Journal

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Monday 8thI am to board at McClair's this week. Will Hoadley came to school today, Hemakes me think of John so much. and yet it does not make me dislike him, but Ifeel as if I wanted to do him good. He is just about the age John was when Ifirst knew him, but I cannot realize that John was such a boy five years ago.


Tuesday the 9thRather cloudy and disagreeable.


Friday 12thWalked as far as the grist mill last night and rode with Mr. Hamilton fromthere to Uncle Harveys. went down to prayer meeting. did not see Charlie. wenthome with Wallin's people and stayed all night. Lizzie brought me out thismorn. Papa came after me tonight. Charlie came to tell me he could not come forme. Mamma went to Mrs. Freds and I begun to dress and just as Charlie came totell me he had changed his mind and could go, so we went down town to meet theteam but there was no room for Charlie so he had to walk. We had lots of fun.Charlie rode home because Linea stayed there all night and he took her placebeside me.


Saturday13th Worked hard this morn., Aunt Jessie was here. I made some cookies. JimmieUnderwood spent the afternoon here. He is a great deal nicer than he was thetime before. Charlie was here this eve.


Sunday 14thJimmie and Johnnie were at church and SS. There was a concert this eve. theywere there too. John keeps his eyes on me all the time. Watches every move Imake. He did so at the party the other night and he did so today when I was anywhere near him. I guess he thinks it will embarrass me, but I guess he finds heis mistaken.


Monday 15thCloudy this morning. Papa brought me out as usual. I have almost recovered fromthat terrible nervous spell I had yesterday.


Tuesday 16thWe had quite a fall of snow last night. Charles stopped here about half pasttwo and inquired the time of day and then went on. It was aggravating to seehim only so short a time, but so it must be.


Wednesday17th A long dreary day. the boys had a quarrel and I had to settle it. Exceptthat school went off very pleasantly. I think these children love me, I wouldjust as lief John Underwood should see this journal as not. It is sofull of Charlie., 0 how could I ever have thought as much of that Johnas I once did.


Friday 19thwalked down as far as Skinners last night and George Arnold and Sue Breuckmanncame along in a carriage and took me the rest of the way home. Went to prayermeeting with papa. Did not see Charlie. Papa brought me out this morn. JimmieUnderwood came about half past one or two oclock and spent the afternoon. themwe went to McClairs to supper and then came home. Charlie came for me to go tothe society at Chadbourn's. We had a splendid time. Lizzie came home with me tostay all night.

Saturday 20th Mamma went calling this afternoon. Charliewas here this eve.


Sunday 21st.There was confirmation at the Episcopal church and we had a very smallcongregation this morn. there was choirmeeting at five tonight. Charles and Iwent. There was a large congregation and we had a good sermon about truth. Mr.Dunn made me sing a piece I didn't know and it made me angry.


Monday 22ndPleasant but cold. the town superintendent visited the school this morning. Hesaid he was perfectly satisfied with the school. Oh, I'm always so tired Mondaynights.


Tuesday 23rdNothing of consequence to write.


Wednesday24th Lay awake last night and thought until eleven o clock. And woke again inthe night and thought. I was trying to think what to give Charlie for a philopenapresent. I guess I will give him a book on Christmas.


Wednesday24th Papa came after me tonight. had a fuss with Will Hoadley in school.Charlie was coming this eve, but I had to go to choirmeeting and I met him onmy way to the church and he went up with me. Mr. Taylor was here when I left,Charles and I went up to his house after the choirmeeting and ate some apples.then we went home and he stayed til twelve oclock.


Thursday25th Thanksgiving. Charlie came after me this morning. Went to church and fromthere to Uncle Harvey's to dinner. While we were there Charlies and Mr. Pridewent by from Laketown hunting. Bert threw a can up and Charlie shot at it andhit it. Charlie was here this evening.


Friday 26thWent out to school this morn and came back again tonight. Mrs. Adams has beensewing on my dress all day.


Saturday27th Did up the work while Mamma and Mrs. Adams sewed. Went down town thisafternoon. Charlie was here this afternoon just after dinner to bid me goodbye.he went to Chicagoon the Heath this afternoon. Is coming back Tuesday. Mrs. Stocking and hrlittle boy were here too. Mrs. Adams and Mamma sat up till twelve oclock tofinish my dress. Belle Shores and Mr. Henry weremarried tonight.


Sunday 28thWhat a dreary day. It snowed some last night after church, went up to see Mrs.Bird about what to make Charlie for Christmas. I had papa send for a copy ofTom Moore by Charlie by himself but he don't know it is for himself now thinkspapa is sending for it. I want it for a philopena. I am going to make himsomething for Christmas. it is very cold and disagreeable tonight. And I am solonesome without my dear Charlie.


Monday 29thIt is very cold today,. We suffered in the schoolroom unless we kept close tothe stove. I am to board at Kennedy's.

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