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Hattie's 1876 Journal

(continued From Page 448)


[September] Thursday 22nd Finished ironing. This afternoonmamma and I went out trading and we called at old Mrs. Bird's. Mamma went inand looked at Charlie's rooms.


Friday 23rd Last night I stayed at Mrs. Pride's cause herhusband went to Chicago.I went to prayer meeting and Charlie came home with me as usual. I came homethis morn before breakfast and did up the Saturday's work for tomorrow I mustgo to the examination. Went up to see Marcia who is sick and called at Mrs.Stockings. Afterwards went to Burns and got a gray overdress. Mrs. Pride wantedme to stay there again tonight but I could not. I heard Charlie go by abouteight o clock whistling "Ask the Saviour to Help You." He is going tostay with her.


Sunday 26th Saturday the 24th waiter and Lillie Miller and Iwent to Graafschap to be examined. Mr. Dunn came here for supper. I ran over totell Mrs. Pride I could go there to stay all night. then afterwards went tochoir meeting. Charles came up there and we both went there and stayed allnight. I came home after breakfast yesterday morn. There was no evening serviceat our church but we went to choir meeting and then we went to Prides, foundHenry and Ella there, went home to ask mamma if I could stay cause Charliecouldn't. Went back and stayed all night. Came home this morn about half pastfive. Washed. Lillie was here after dinner. also Mrs. Pride to say she had gotCharles to stay there tonight. Charlie was here this afternoon on an errand forpaper. Mr. Barber was here too. Charlie was here a few minutes before he wentto his sisters I met him at the gate, he showed me a letter from Phelps.


Monday 27th after dinner. Lillie came and wanted me to godowntown with her and we went just a few minutes. Mrs. Fred was here thisafternoon. I sewed all this afternoon. I heard somebody passing this evewhistling "The Home of the Soul."


Wednesday 28th Sewed all day. mamma and papa went to UncleHarveys before dinner. Mrs. Fred brought us some watermelon this afternoon. Iwent up to Mania's to get her black basque and took it to Mrs. Drakes to haveit cut. Charlie was here this evening.


Thursday 29th worked on my dress. Marcia called beforeprayer meeting and went up with papa and I. After prayer meeting we (Charlieand I) went home with her.


Friday 30th Sewed all day. Mrs. Fred was here thisafternoon. This evening went and took Mania's basque home. Mrs. Plummer gave mesome large apples to bring home. Bisha Jenkins walked part way with me. Sewedin the eve.


Saturday 1st Oct Fair day. Papa and mamma wentbut I didn't. I did up the work except the baking and then sewed until dinnerwhich we had about half past two. Mr. Hubbard and his son were here. Allie Nwas here also. Charlie was here in the eve and we stamped envelopes. He stayedtil half past eleven.

Sunday 2nd A beautiful day. Wore my new dress, went toPride's to dinner. Charlie went to Douglas tochurch in a boat this eve.


Monday 4th School commenced. Charlie brought me out. Onlyseven scholars today. I am to board at Mr. Paris's this week.


Tuesday 3rd I had nine pupils today, quite stormy.


Wednesday 6th Only six pupils today, and it was verytedious. The days seem so long it seems ages since Monday morning.


Thursday 7th A cloudy day. Nine pupils. Lay awake last nightthinking of home.


Friday 8th A cold day. papa came after me tonight. Charliecame to see me this evening. Mr. Wallin was here before Charlie was.


Saturday 9th I was mending this morn. this afternoon Mr. andMrs. Stocking and Mr. and Mrs. Dunn were here this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs.Wallin were invited but it rained so they didn't come. Charlie was here thiseve too.


Sunday 10th Went to church and S. S. Phelps got home lastnight so he was there today. I was asked to Charlie's to dinner today, but Iwouldn't go. There was concert this eve. Not very many out. Charlie gave me alittle white silk handkerchief to wear around my neck tonight. Phelps broughtit to him for a handkerchief but he gave it to me. I didn't like to take it buthe was bound I should. He is so generous. He didn't come in tonight.


Monday 11th Papa brought me out this morn. It is very cold.The boys were building a fire when I came, had two new pupils. Mary and ElsieRenneda(?), one 18 the other seventeen. Sent word to Paris' tonight that we must have some one tobuild a fire. Am going to board at Hoadleys two weeks.


Tuesday 12th Found the fire made this morn. Did not feelvery well today.


Wednesday 13th I did not feel at all well today, did notsleep good at night. I do feel so sorry for the poor little girl at Mr.Hoadleys named Alice.dear little thing, she suffers so. I was fearfully homesick today. There wasbut one boy at school today and that was Avart Zwemer, but there were ninegirls.


Thursday 14th Was not quite as homesick today as I wasyesterday. It rained quite hard this afternoon. Willie Hoadly met us with someumbrellas. I am glad I'm going home tomorrow.


Friday 15th Closed school at four o'clock and as no one cameI started to walk home. I rather expected Charlie although he had said nothingabout it. But I met him on the road a little way and he took me home. He had anote from papa telling me to stop at Aunt Jessies and get some butter, so Idid. When I reached home found Mrs. Harry Moore and Mrs. Wilson and Stella. Mr.Moore came to tea. Charlie came in this eve and stayed til twelve o'clock.

Saturday 16th This morning Lillie Moore was here. She is tobe married next month so she is going home in two weeks. I went down town andgot a new felt hat and some velvet for my cloak. Came home and trimmed my hat.Kittie called in the afternoon, also Mrs. Sutton. I went down town with Kit,afterwards up on the hill on an errant. This eve Charlie came. afterwardsPhelps and Kit. had a very pleasant time. It rained so Kit is to stay allnight.


Sunday 17th Kit and I went to church together after SS Iwent home with Wallins folks. Came down to choir meeting with Lizzie and herfather. It was quite stormy, but there were a food many out. Charlie came homewith me but didn't stay but a few minutes. Found Marcia at our house, is tostay all night.


Monday 18th Charlie brought me out. had one new pupil today.I had the ague quite hard today. Lizzie and her aunt stopped. here thisafternoon for me to go riding but it was only three o'clock so I couldn't go.


Tuesday 19th A beautiful day. Had a slight headache all day,was very tired when I reached home.


Wednesday 20th Another lovely day. Felt splendidly all day.Had two new pupils.


Thursday 21st Another beautiful day. I feel very wellindeed, never felt better, have not been homesick yet this week. like my schoolvery much.


Friday 22nd Closed school at four as usual and started towalk home. met papa at almost the same place that I met Charlie last week.Charlie was here this eve. brought another volume of Scribners. Papa went tolodge but came home very early. Charlie stayed til eleven.

Saturday 23rd Mamma stayed at Mrs. Names all day. AddieNames is very sick. I did up the housework. sewed this afternoon. Mamma andpapa made some calls this eve. Charlie was here also Mr. Phelps and LillieMoore, who is going away next Tuesday. Loella [or Della?] Shaw died this morning.


Sunday 24th Everything as usual. Charlie and I went up tosee Lithe a minute before church to bid her goodbye. Bade Mr. Phelps goodbyeafter church. He is going away this week.

Monday 25th Papa brought me out this morning. It rained thisafternoon. I am to board at Zwemers this week. I think I shall like it therevery much.


Tuesday 26th The wind blew fearfully last night. I hopePhelps did not cross the lake last night. Very cloudy and dismal all day. Blewvery hard about two or three o'clock so I let school out early. About half adozen trees were blown down in sight of the school house today.


Wednesday 27th The wind blew several trees down last nightbetween school and home. When I reached home tonight found a letter fromCharlie at which of course I was rejoiced.

Thursday 28th Quite pleasant this morning. Warm all day.Didn't wear anything around me tonight coming home. Found Mrs. Zwemer gone tothe tannery.


Friday 29th Very warm. this afternoon it thundered and therewas a great fog. About half past three oclock it grew so dark that we could notsee to read in the schoolroom. So I let the children go, when we had got ourthings on, it began to rain and we had a terrific thunder storm, just as if itwas summer. A large tree was struck right opposite Tidd's house. In town theteachers and scholars were so alarmed at the darkness that they all fled inconfusion. Charlie was late tonight. It was raining when he came.


Saturday 30th Mamma and papa moved the kitchen stove thismorning. I did some mending. this afternoon I went to Burns to get some zephyretc. to Mrs. Adams to get her to come to our house next Saturday to sew on mynew dress. Charlie was here tonight. Very stormy tonight.


Sunday 31$t Cold. I wore my cloak and the little silkhandkerchief on my neck that Charlie gave me.


Monday Nov. 13t Papa brought me out. I was ratherlate. I am to board at Zwemers again this week.


Tuesday Nov 2nd It thundered last night. Very cold thismorning.


Thursday 4th Lizzie came after me last night and I went homewith her. She brought me out to school this morning. We had a very pleasanttime.


Friday 5th A lovely day. Mr. Dwight came to paint theblackboard just after school was out. Papa came for me. Charlie and I went tothe society in the eve.


Saturday 6th Mrs. Adams was at our house sewing all day onmy new dress. It is going to have a long shirred overskirt and shirred trimmingand a bisque with a plaited back. Charlie was here this eve. It has been abeautiful day.


Sunday 7th Another lovely day. Mrs. Johnson told me that KitHibberdine's mother was sick so I went up to see her this afternoon. She israving crazy and talks nearly every minute as fast as she can. They are afraidshe will die or else have to go to the insane asylum. Poor Kittie! I am sosorry for her. Charlie came for me at Hibberdines and we went to Henry'sto stay till church time. Jimmie Underwood came here last night and he and Johnwere at church this eve. Jimmie, I think, is handsomer than ever and John isuglier. I am so glad and thankful tonight that I have such a lover as Charlie.Instead of that blackeyed one that I used to admire so much. How could I haveloved him so I don't see. Why. I despise him tonight from the very depth of mysoul. I do not hate him though I sometimes say I do, and I prayfor him every day of my life. And I hope that God will some time touch hisheart and make him a man in Christ Jesus. Charlie and I went up on the hill tolook far my handkerchief which I had lost on my way to church when we came backwe went to his house and he lent me a novel entitled "For Just toEarnest." he also gave me a chrysanthemum blossom. I can't help sayingonce more how happy I am tonight.


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