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In 187620 year-odd Hattie Moffat Wright (she was born a Moffat but raised by theWright family) was being courted by Charles Bird, the new Saugatuck druggist.He gave her a journal in which she faithfully recorded the social eventsof her young life which give interesting insights into daily life, courtshipand school teaching in Saugatuck of that era.


Tuesday,August 21st I have not written in my journal since Wednesday,


Thursday,19th night I went to prayer meeting and Charlie came home with me as usual andwe took our walk


Friday 20thafternoon Mama was at Horace Moore's and Papa went to tea Charlie and I werehere alone.


Saturday21St We were going up to help Lena in thelibrary. We went downtown to find her although we waited for Lenaquite a while so we took a walk and then came home.


Sunday 22ndEverything as usual. Henry and Charlie Bird were here a few minutes after S. S.[Sunday School] Mr. Dunn came in the afternoon to say Mr. and Mrs.Stocking were both sick. There was no evening service. Charlie and I thought ofgoing to the Dutch meeting but we didn't go, as he spent the eve here.Yesterday mamma went up to Mr. Stockings in the morning. I went over to theTeacher's examination in Douglas. I walked.When I got there found no one to be examined but Mr. Walker came back abouthalf past twelve. Rode with Si Galdersmith for the barber's shop. [?] Chadbournovertook me there and came home with me to borrow my drab dress waist. I sewedall the afternoon. After tea called on Miss Comstock and on Charlie's mother.Coming home Charlie overtook me. Washed this morn. Charlie was here just afternoon to bring me some volumes of Scribner and this little book, also a note.


Wednesday,26th Ironed this morning. Sewed this afternoon. Charlie was here this eveningand we took a walk.


Thursday26th Sewed today. Mamma went up to Stockings this morn and again thisafternoon. Papa and I went to prayer meeting. Charlie came home with me. Mr.Jewet and Henry Bird came for Charlie to get some money out of the drug storesafe cause he was going off to get the coffin so I went to the store with them.


Friday, 27thVery warm yesterday and today. Last Saturday and Sunday night we had frost. Isewed all day. Charlie and Callie Pride were here on an errand. Mrs. HoraceMoore stopped at the gate and asked me to call on a young lady friend of hersfrom Chicago she had with her in the carriage, introduced her as Miss Williams.I feel lonesome and blue tonight because I have not seen Charlie today. If I doget a school, what in the world will we do for we can't see each other everyday then.


Saturday28th Did up the work this morn sewed this afternoon. Charlie came to ask me ifI would go on an excursion given by the band tonight. Mrs. Smith was here to call.We went this evening, had a real nice time.


Sunday 29thEverything as usual. Mr. Pipes preaching, Wrote to Lizzie this afternoon.Charlie and I went to Dutch meeting tonight. We called for Mr. Pond and he wenttoo. Charlie came in tonight for the first time on Sunday.


Monday 30thWashed. FlorenceSnyder came to invite me to a party at Dwights. Charlie came up in theafternoon to ask me to go with him. He brought me a note. We went this eve. Mr.Taylor was here before we went. Had quite a nice time. I did not dance, only towaltz with one or two of the girls.


Tuesday 31stIroned. Mamma went to Mrs. Stockings but she wasn't needed there so she andPapa went up to Uncle Harveys to dinner and Mamma spent the day. I was at Mrs. Fred`s this morn a few minutes. She came to the fence with some corn for us. Beforenoon Henry Bird brought a note from Charlie. Mrs. Fred and I went to Mrs,Moore's to call on Miss Williams, but they were not in. Afterwards Mrs. Moorecame by and said she was sorry and that we must come up this eve. So we went.While I was gone Florence Snyder and Belle Shorescame to see about the picnic tomorrow. Mrs. Fred came in with me when we camefrom Mrs. Moores.


Wednesday,1st September Went to the picnic today. Had a glorious time. Nobody but womeninvited so we could cut up as we pleased. Charlie was here this eve. I met himat the gate and he kissed me. He invited me to his house tomorrow.

Thursday 2ndWent to Mrs. Prides this morning and ironed for her cause her baby is sick. Shegave me a chemise that was too small for her. Annie Taylor called thisafternoon, also Mrs. Moore and Miss Williams. Went to Charlie's to tea, fromthere to prayer meeting. We went to Prides before we came home to see how thebaby was. Some girls serenaded me with tin horns.


Friday Sewedmost all day. Charlie Pride and Collie brought me a note from Charles saying hecouldn't come tonight but would come tomorrow and wanted me to meet him at thegate. I went over to Maxon's [with ?J some tomatoes this eve. Have just writtento Charles.


Saturday 4thDid up the work this morn. Reca Cheesen was here after dinner. Mrs. Grantcalled shortly after she left. Mamma was up at Mrs. Taylors to get her to helpher mend papa's coat. Grace and Mable came with their father to bring mammahome. We gave them our kitten, Robbie. The band played this evening and metCharlie at the gate and we went walking to hear it play. It is quite cool thiseve. Mr. King caught a man in one of his apple trees tonight.


Sunday 5thMarcia was at church today and Tedmon was also home. He was there with JennieSmalley tonight. John Underwood was there tonight. I have lost that little pinof Charlie's again and must go and look for it in the morning.


Monday 6thWent and looked for Charlie's pin the first thing this morn, but did not findit. We washed this morn. This afternoon Mrs. Frank Johnson and her mother, Mrs.Hilbrook called. Mr. Pride brought me a note from Charlie saying he was goingout on the lakeshore to Mr. Gill's to get Mr. Prides rag carpet and would takeme. So this evening we went. Had a glorious ride. When we came back we calledon his cousin Lillie. Then Charlie stayed here a while after we got home.Received a letter from Lizzie tonight.


Tuesday 7thIroned. This is Papa's birthday. Mamma canned tomatoes. She was invited to Mrs.Skinners this afternoon. I fixed my corset. Mrs. Fred invited me here to  [??] afternoon. so I went. Spent part of thiseve. That pin of Charlie's is found. Moses Nash gave it to Dr. McRae and heshowed it to Papa today.


Wednesday8th Cloudy today. Mrs. Fred was here this morning. Charles was here just beforenoon and brought me some apples and pears. Walter was here this eve. Mammacalled at Mrs. Stockings. Little Robbie was here this morning to get a book forhis father to read. Charlie was here this eve. We took a walk and talked at Mr.Pride's gate with him a few minutes. He was putting down carpet.


Thursday 9thSewed all day. Papa fixed his harness. went to see about a school for me thisafternoon. Mrs. Stocking and Robbie were here this morn. Mrs. Comstock thisafternoon. I finished my dress, all but the pocket and hooks and eyes. Wore itto prayer meeting. Ed Tedmon was married to Jennie Smalley on Monday and theywere at prayer meeting tonight. Charles came home with me as usual but it wasraining so we didn't have our accustomed walk and he didn't come in when wereached home either.


Friday 10thCold this morn. I went over to Mrs. Freds to show her some our morning glories.Afterwards went over with a melon. Sewed this morning and helped mamma with herironing. Mrs. Bird and Lillie were here today. Papa and Mamma went up to UncleHarvey's before tea. Afternoon went to call on Miss Comstock. took her abouquet. She was not at home but I laid the bouquet on her table and went in toMrs. Bird's. Charlie came home with me and stayed a while. Mamma made crabapplepreserves today.


Saturday 11th Did up the work this warning. While I was mapping Charlies canoe to see me. Hewanted me to go over Baldhead this afternoon with his mother, Lillie andhimself. So this afternoon we went. had a very pleasant time. Was at tea at hishouse. Came home when he didn't know it so he wouldn't leave the store.


Sunday 12thA beautiful day. Charlie was here to lunch. Went to Episcopal service this eve.Did not take any walk, only to mail a letter to Lizzie that I wrote thisafternoon. Lovely moonlight but cold this eve. If Charlie can leave the storehe and I are going to the exposition.


Monday 13th Washed. After dinner Emma and Florence came to ask meto a party at Stimsons. Mr. Stimson got it up for a surprise on Allie.Afterwards Charlie came and asked me if I would go and pretty soon Lillie cameand then wanted me to help her dress, so I went down there to help her. Thenshe and Charlie and I went to the party. Had a real nice time. I did not danceonly to waltz with one or two of the girls. Got home about half past twelve.


Tuesday 14thIroned, was very tired and went to sleep after I got the ironing done. Judy hadsome kittens tonight.


Wednesday15th Churned and baked cakes the morn. Papa started for Chicago to the Exposition tonight. Mrs. Fredwent away and left her birds with us. Charlie was here this eve and he held mein his arms nearly all the time. Mr. Ensign has come to see about selling thedrugstore to Charlie.


Thursday16th It rained last night. turned cold in afternoon. Mrs. Dunn was here thiseve before prayer meeting. I wove hair for mamma all afternoon. went to prayermeeting this eve. Kitt Hibberdine was there. She arrived yesterday. Mr. Ensignwas there. Charlie came home with me and stayed a while, watered the horse forMamma.


Friday 17thWove hair all day. Went to the post office and got a postal from papa and Burnsstore after tea. Charlie was here this eve, we went to Henry's for a littlewhile.


Saturday18th There was a hard frost last night and it is cold tonight. I wove hairnearly all day. went down town just before noon to get some rice and cedingwax. Went down after supper to the pie and meat shop and to Birds for a minute.Jessie House is here to stay the night.


Sunday 19thPapa got home this morn. Brought a half dozen knives (a present from UncleHarvey) and some broken candies. Very rainy and disagreeable. I ware my oldblack hat. Mr. Dunn was here before church time, also Charlie. Very few out tochurch this eve, it was so stormy. I gave one of the bouquets to Mr. Pride andone to Charlie. We went up to his house and left the bouquet. It rained beforewe got home. When we reached home mamma and papa were in bed and Charlie stayedtill a quarter before eleven.


Monday 19thWashed. Very windy all day., Papa and Mamma went to Uncle Harveys thisafternoon. Dr. McRae was here this eve for papa to go in his place to Singapore.Uncle Harvey was also here.


Tuesday 20thThis morning Mamma and I went out to see about my school. I engaged it. When Igot home went to see [?1 Miller about the examination but he wasn't at home.This afternoon made twelve calls. Charlie was here this eve. Lillie House cameto show mamma how to knit a scarf and stayed all night. Charlie stayed tileleven o clock.


Wednesday21st Ironed this morn. Lillie spent the afternoon and Charlie came to tea. Iwent doom with Lillie and was weighed at the drug stare (weighed 110 lbs) Wewent to the P.O. and after a while Charlie came home with me and stayed alittle while.


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