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History Lives Here Text

Some recent acquisitions to the archives have reminded usthat many very ordinary inexpensive items can become important artifacts. Aboveis a cocktail napkin from The Dock, the bar on the lower level of the BigPavilion, that is now a collector's item. Below , you will find a 1950s menu  from Krawitz's Corner Grill (where Marro'snow stands), a program from the 1926 meeting of the Saugatuck High SchoolAlumni Association, and an old bank book and some railroad tickets and passesfrom  the Viets family (he was an agentfor Graham and Morton). When you clean out a house or a desk drawer lookcarefully at each scrap. If you are in doubt whether it is useful or not, theArchives Committee would be glad to look at it. Something can always bediscarded, but not unless it is first saved.