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Laketown Township,1873, Day by Day


From the 1873 diary of William B. Smalleywho lived in Laketown Township, just north ofSaugatuck. Continued from Page 331.


[March] 3Very cold and windy N with a little snow in the afternoon. Cut some wood in theforenoon. Went to McClairs in the afternoon and got some straw for my pigs.Then went to the schoolhouse to settle a little trouble with Sammy and theteacher.


4 Cold and pleasant most of the day,done the chores and split some wood in the forenoon. McClair & wife comeover and my wife and I went to Mr. Grimes to the funeral of their little boy.Clara Gidel and her little brother here in the evening. Cold and pleasant thisevening.


5 Cold inthe morning but pleasant through the day. McClair came along and we went totown. I picked out a pile of cull lumber that Mr. Moore offered me and McClairbrought part of a load home. I got my Tribune Sun and Smith's Pattern Bazaar.


6 Got quite as cold last night andpleasant and thawing all day very fast. Went over to McClair's and worked 3/4 daycutting logs. Sammy sick today with cold on his lungs.


7 Thawed all night and rained by spellsall day. All I done today was the chores and set up a bench this evening. Wethink, Sammy [a 12-year-old son] is a littlebetter today.


8 Froze a little last night but thawingthrough the day. Went over to the school house and fixed a bench and come home.McClair came here at noon, went to the schoolhouse and banked up the house andI come home. Freezing a little this evening.


9 Snowing in the morning and most allday but not very cold. Staid at home all day and no one here. We think Sammy issome better, quite warm this evening.


10 Frozesome last night but the last snow is mostly gone. tonight, went to town today,got some medicines at the drug store, a pair

of shoesfor Hattie at H. D. Moores. took dinner with my brother George at the Saugatuckhouse. Raining some this evening.


11 Froze some last night, thawing sometoday and snowing a little. Went out and tried to find something to make atroth [trough?] but did notfine anything. Filed saw and sawed some wood, freezing tonight and cloud. Sammya little better.


12 Froze quite hard last night and coldwind all day but thawing some in the sun. Cut, split and thawed some wood tothe house. Went out to McClairs towards night and got some soap and brought hissaw home to fix. Cold and pleasant this evening.


13 Frozeagain last night but pleasant and thawing fast today. Filed McClair's cross cutsaw, then carried it home and got some cabbages at McClairs. Pleasant andfreezing this evening, Jennie gone over to McClairs.


14 Frozeagain last night but thawing all day with south wind. Cut and thawed up somewood in the morning when it was froze. Drawed a plan of a house in afternoon.Thunder showers in the evening. Jennie not back yet from McClairs. Sammy seemsa little better today and evening.


15 Rained most of the night with thunder, cloudy all dayand rained and snowed towards night. Went to town in the afternoon, got twoSmiths Pattern Bazaar and two books, Young America Abroad. More cold thisevening.


16 Froze again last night, warm andpleasant all day. Staid at home all day and read Young America.Pleasant this evening.


17 Frozequite hard last night but warm and thawing today. Cut and drawed some wood tothe house this morning, then helped hull some corn. Sammy better so he went toschool today. Mrs. Doane here just at night to get Hattie [daughter, 10] to go and stay with her, Mr. Doane is gone to Allegan.

18 Rainedsome in the night, warm and pleasant through the day after sprinkling a littlein the morning. Staid at home all day,

my wife and Jennie [18-year-old daughter]

gone to McClairs, they are most allsick. Jennie staid to help them.


19 Warm andpleasant most of the day. Got up in the morning, built a fire, sick and went tobed. Laid abed all the forenoon. Sick all day, head feeling dizzy. Sammy gettingbetter he goes to school.


20 Froze again last night and snowed alittle and snowed a little by spells all day. Feeling a little better today,did not do anything only my chores. My wife and I went over to McClair's inafternoon to see how the sick were, some of them better and some about thesame. Still snowing in the evening.


21 Froze some last night and snowedsome, snowed moderately by spells all day and wind from N.W. Staid in the housethe most of the day. Troubled with a giddiness most of the day. Clear andPleasant this evening.


22 Warmer again today and pleasant. cuta little wood in the morning, went to town in afternoon. did not get any mail.Got some thread, saw the boss vessel builder, found 1 could get work on thebarges in 0. R.

J [ohnson] & co.yard and came home. Rode part of the way with W. Titus.


23 Frozelast night and all day in the shade. Pleasant but cold, N. W. wind al day. Wentover to McClairs to see if he is going to town tomorrow, went out in the woodsand came home. L. 0. Tanner here in afternoon to get my wife to go and takecare of Mrs. Wallin awhile. She had egoni (angina?).


24 Frozehard last and cold all day. Went to Suttons in the morning, then went to townwith McClair. He took a grist of corn for me, got my papers came back just atnight. Stopped at Wallins. My wife is at Wallins yet, snowing a little just atnight and cold.

25 Cold andsnowy most all day, went to the school house in the morning, put in a light ofglass, then went to Mr. N. Suttons and got a '/z sack of flour, $2.63. Camehome cut some wood. James McClair here in forenoon. He starts for Glenn Haventoday where one of his brothers is doing business. Cold, windy.


26 Snowed most of the night and all theforenoon. Did not snow in afternoon but wind blowed quite hard. Worked on planewood in forenoon, cut some daughts of wood in the afternoon. Pleasant and stillthis evening. My wife at Wallins yet.


27 Froze last night pleasant all daybut rather cool. Went to Mr. Doanes to get two school orders signed. then wentto McClairs. Came home took out a hole of potatoes, then sawed some wood.McClaar came and thawed me some wood. Susie Breuckman here tonight, clear thisevening.


28 Froze last night but thawing todayand pleasant in the forenoon. Rained in the afternoon, then just at evening,went to McClairs in morning and helped him unload some hay, then came home andwent to school in afternoon. it was the lastday of school. Tanner brought my wife home this evening and took her backagain.


29 Thawing all night but getting coldertoday. went to the school house and moved the stove, came home cut some wood.Went to town in the afternoon, stopped at Wallins and James Caseys, went andsaw Burdett [a grown son] and GeorgeSmalley. got a letter from Otto Fricker, got some kerosene and soda and camehome. Saw my wife at Caseys.


30 Froze alittle last night, thawing today. cloudy most of the day and rained just atnight. Staid at home all day and read in Young America Abroad. My wife down yetto Mr. Caseys.


31 Frozeand snowed a little last night, quite pleasant today, went to town today Sammywent with me. Stopped at Mr. Caseys and

saw mywife, Mrs. Casey a little better. Got my NY Sun, no Tribune, wrote a letter toState Superintendent of Public Instruction.



1 Did notfreeze much last night, rained and snowed most of the day. sawed and split alittle wood, staid in the house the rest of the day and read most of the restof the time. George McClair went to town. Called when he came back and left myN.Y. Tribune, misty this evening.


2. Snowed a little again last night,thawing again today, last night's snow all gone. sawed wood he rest of the dayafter it quit snowing. Sammy went to town to carry my wife some clean clothes.shot two red squirrels this P.M. at the barn.


3 Froze a little last night but thawingtoday and quite pleasant. went to town with McClairs team and got a load oflumber and brought home. McClair went down with his horse. I went to McClairsin the afternoon and helped him saw a little wood. Looks like snow thisevening.


4 Warm and pleasant most of the day,went to McClairs and helped him saw 3/4 of day, some appearance of rain thisevening, wind blowing quite strong from S. E.


5 Warm and pleasant most of the day,went to town with McClair in the morning. he got some feed then he brought up aload of lumber for me from Moores mill. we took dinner at Mr. Caseys with mywife. Mrs., Casey improving slowly, raining this evening,


b Thundershower last night, cloudy all day and foggy this morning. Raining this evening.staid at home all day no one here but George McClair. wrote a letter to OttoFritsche, my wife not back yet.


7 Foggy inthe forenoon but cleared away in the afternoon and getting colder, went toGraafschapp in the morning to town election. got home about four O'clock. H.

Bird cameup and got my chest and part of my tools, put a letter in the office atGraafschaap for Otto Fritsche.


8 Snowy this morning and a little snowlast night. Came to Saugatuck in the morning, went to work for Bird and Ensignin the afternoon. rained all the afternoon and evening. Stopped with old Mr.Bird and had dinner and supper.


9 Colder this morning and wind blowingquite hard from S. W. Mr. Moreland did not work so I came home after I got mybreakfast, went to Stantons and got some horsereddish and brought home. My wifecame home yesterday from Mr. Caseys, snowing this afternoon.


10 Snowed alittle last night and froze a little, more warm today, came down town afterbreakfast and worked in the afternoon, had dinner and supper at old Mr. Birds,went uptown in the evening, raining this evening.


11 Moderatein the forenoon but gets cold and foggy in the afternoon. worked all day on theBird mill, went to the post office and drugstore in the evening.


12 Coldagain and snowed a little last night. Pleasant today but cold wind all day,worked all day for Bird and Ensign repairing their mill. Stopped at Moores whenI came home. worked for Bird and Ensign 3 days, had 10 meals at H. Birds.


13 Froze a little last night butpleasant today, our family all went over to McCIairs, came home just at and pleasant this evening.


14 Did notfreeze last night, warm and pleasant all day. came down to Saugatuck and workedall day repairing on the Bird mill, went and saw Burdette in the evening, gotmy Tribune but not any letter or Sun, warn and pleasant this evening.


15 Ratherwindy in the morning, but not very cold. rained some in the afternoon,

worked allday in the Bird mill repairing. went up to Mr. Newnhams in the evening andhired his daughter to teach our school.


16 More cold again today and cloudy allday and raining a little. worked all day on the Bird mill repairing for Birdand Ensign. raining a little this evening got my N.Y. Sun and let Mr Pond takeit home to read.


17 Misty and rainy most of the day anda few flurries of snow in the afternoon. . Worked all day for Bird and Ensignon mill repair, still cold and misty this evening.


18 Cold and cloudy all day, worked allday for Bird and Ensign at repairing the Bird mill. went to the drug store inthe evening and saw Burdett. still cold this evening and clear.


19 Frost this morning, pleasant all daybut cold wind. worked all day for Bird and Ensign on mill repairs. got a blankdeed of Ensign and some Butter of H. D. Moore. Jennie in town tonight. Worked 9days in all for Bird and Ensign on mill repairs. Had 26 meals $5.57.


20 Pleasant and more warm today, staidat home all day. McClairs folks all over here to dinner. Joseph Ainsley came upand Lizzie Newnham our teacher up. Mrs. Titus and son came up and broughtJennie home from Saugatuck.


21 Heavy frost this morning, pleasantbut cold, wind the most of the day. cut wood in the forenoon, chores aroundsome in the afternoon, then came to Saugatuck got my tools and brought them toMoores to go to work in the morning, took supper with Mr. Casey.


22 Staid all night with Casey, groundcovered with snow this morning and staid on all day in places. Worked all dayfor H. D. Moore on piaz[z]a [aportico supported bycolumns] to his boarding house [now thePark House B & B]. pleasant in afternoon but cold this evening, had 3meals.

23 Frozequite hard last night, clear but cold wind most of the day. worked all day on piaza for H. D. Moore went up town in the evening. wind blowing coldthis evening. Had 3 meals.


24 Not quite as cold this morning,pleasant all day with cold wind. worked all day for H. D. Moore on boardinghouse, read the Hoosier Schoolmaster till 12 o'clock at night and finished it.Had 3 meals.


2 5 Froze and frost this morning andsnowed in the forepart of the day, cold and pleasant in the afternoon. workedall day on H. D. Moore's piaza. went to Mr. Newnhams in the evening and gotsome rose slips, got a letter for Jennie. Had 3 meals.


26 Frost this morning, rather warm andpleasant all day. worked all day for H. D. Moore got an order of Moore on JohnBurn of five dollars. got some things. Warren Pratt brought them home for me. had3 meals. Through the week, 16 meals.


27 Warm and Pleasant all day. staid athome all day and read in the Hoosier School­master. Joseph Ainsley and hissister came up and brought the teacher just at night.


28 Warm and pleasant tiI just at nightthen it got colder. came to Saugatuck and worked 3/4 of day for H. D. Moore onboarding house. went up town in the evening and saw Burdett and got my Tribune.Had 2 meals.


29 Warm and pleasant in forenoon butgrows cold in the afternoon and quite cold this evening but pleasant. workedall day for H. D. Moore on boarding house. went up town in the evening. got aletter from H. L. Olcott. Had 3 meals.


30 Warm and pleasant all day, looks alittle like rain this evening. worked all day for H. D. Moore on boarding house.went up town in the evening and got some charcoal and came home. Had 3 meals.


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