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This shipping order (below) isdated June 29, 1875, and details a shipment from agent James Paxton & Co.,of Chicago onboard the barge G. P. Heath, under the command of Captain R. C. Brittain. The goods were "to be delivered in like goodorder and condition" to several residents and merchants in the Port of Douglas. Recipients include T. Gray, drygoods dealer, D. C. Putnam who ran a general store at the southwest corner of Spring and Center Streets, the D. Gerber & sons tanneryand the Douglas Brewery. Note the largequantity of fish being imported from Chicago.


A second shipping order for June14, 1875, has orders for:


D. C. Putnam2 bx. raisins

1 " cherrie 1 brl. sugar

1 s brl. coffee 1 " rice 1 brl. salt


B. F. Hall 1 brl. crackers

Pier Cove 1box "

at Douglas4 pails tobac.

2c "


F. S.Raymond 2 pail tobac

Pier Cove 1 sa rice part full 1 brl. mackerel


Sam Robinson1chest groceries


P. Gray 1 brl. highwines2 brl. beer


P. Purdy 1mower frame

Care J. D.Hudson 1 box 1pole


The 97-foot G. P. Heath was builtby George P. Heath, a Saugatuck miller, and launched in 1872. By 1875 CaptainR. C. Brittain had purchased a controlling interestand also served as captain. The Heath was later captained by William Turnbullof Douglas and Oscar E. Parks of St. Joseph. She was sold in 1886 to Wisconsininterests and was destroyed by fire May 2,1887, off Sheboygan.


The two bills of lading are a recent giftto the Historical Society archives by William Nienhuisof Holland.