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James C. Haile andMartha Haile came from New Yorkto the Lake Michigan lakeshore in Saugatuck Township before 1890.They built there a large house with lowering columns (later called Lake ShoreManor) which served as a halfway stop for farmers driving cattle or haulingcrops between South Haven and Holland.The house also had a large third floor room which was the only ballroom andmeeting place for miles around. There the Hailesoperated a small mill. The story was told that the one saw in the mill was soslow that Mrs. Haile would put a log on to saw and gointo the woods to pick blackberries. Her pail would be full when it was finallytime to go back to the millhouse and turn the log over so the saw could do theother side. The mill burned, probably some time in the 1850's, and was notrebuilt. Before 1890 the house was sold to the Phillips family which ran a boysschool in it, and then the Kraemer family. In the 1970's Elsie Kraemer Weiss,wrote this account of her family's years in Lake ShoreManor.