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Former Miss Saugatuck TellsExperiences

My husband andI visited your wonderful exhibit (in 2001) at the old pumphouse.I was charmed with the lovely photos and knew or had known many of thepeople in the black and white pictures having grown up in Saugatuck.


The Village of Saugatuck,in the summer of 1956, sought a young girl to represent the town in the City ofAllegan for theHarvest Queen Contest. The Harvest Queen contest was held at the fairgrounds inthe county seat, Allegan.


I was very honored to represent the village of Saugatuckin 1956. The town had not sent a candidate since 1930 - Mrs. Heath, the villagehistorian, was quick to point that out in the paper. So a lot was at stake Iwas told. I certainly wanted to win for the Village and for myself.


Dick Hoffmanof the Island Queen boat was a great help tothe village and me at this time.


The SaugatuckWoman's Club hosted the local contest with an artist from Ox-Bow and a funeraldirector acting as judges. We were told to "wear a nice dress," walk,turn around and SMILE, SMILE, SMILE ! No bathing suitswould be required. (fine with me.)


A number of girls entered thelocal contest from the Village. I still hear from people about that night. Fora small town it was a BIG EVENT!

In Allegan thestakes became higher as we girls from all over the county competed at thefairgrounds. Miss Wayland was the number one candidate,followed by Miss Martin and then, Miss Saugatuck.


I was honoredto participate and was given $150 - $50 for the Village, $50 for the highschool and $50 for me.


The next yearI crowned Linda Maas of Saugatuck and she was a lovely queen.


I don't knowif any of this "by gone" information will a useful to theSaugatuck-Douglas Historical Society, or not, but I did enjoy your exhibit.




Michelle Boas (Heller) MissSaugatuck,1956