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History Lives Here Text

"Kemah" way an old seaCaptain's home for many years and means "In the teeth of the Wind". It was a simple homewith a heavy roof and a large porch almost surrounding it for many yearsuntil Mr. Wm. Springer a Board of Trade man in Chicago had it remodeled as asummer home and his wife and their daughter Shirley and little Bill moved fromChicago. Later, possibly in 1928 my husband Carl Hoermanremodeled it as a permanent home and the Springer lived here until 1942 whenMr. Springer passed on and four month later his young wife Alice followedhim.


Some of themotives used in the solarium were Western- such as the motives in windows etc.


After thepassing of the Springers, the John Kettlewalls became the owners and they


sold to myneighbors the Marples,


CarlHoerman was an Architect in Chicago for many yearsbut in 1920 we moved to Saugatuck permanently onto a farm but in 1923 westarted The Chalet Stuidio art Gallery and it hasbeen oven to the public since then, right next door,


Christina Hoerman


Probablyabout 1955 or 1960 Betty Marples who was then theowner of the house on the hill in Saugatuck called Kemah, asked her neighborChristina A. Hoerman (Mrs. Carl) Hoerman if she knew anything about the history of herhouse. 'his is the

reply she received from Mrs. Hoerman.