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Visitors Respond to Pictures in Simmons' Exhibit


The Lace Man


Mr. Comey [who was pictured with a day's catch of fish] livedat Wickwood Apartments. He sold lace and otherfabulous fabrics and gave his samples to the Boyce girls who lived in thenearby Buffalohouse to make doll clothes, 1950-1958.


At the OvalGate


[The pictureon exhibit poster and the cover of the book] The girls are identified as Susan(Floto) Sisson driving the car she received as agraduation present with Bonnie (Sewers) Kozaneckibeside her. In the back seat is Diana (Meyer) Kausen).- Bonnie Kozanecki


Beach Campers


Came over in'59 and slept on beach with buddies. Thought it was hot! Almost can't do thatanywhere now. Soo... those were the good ole days ...summer fun in the sun.

- Lloyd Corliss


P.S. So whereare the bicycles for two, miniature golf and individual paddle boats?Chicken-in-the-basket too.!


Casablanca Remembered


I lived in theCasablanca fora few weeks after buying the Commercial Record in 1967. It was March, snowy andcold. There were no heat ducts to the rooms. What heat there was flowed throughgrates over the doors. My room was on the secondfloor.


The Casablanca (owned byIlene Stilwell) was frame and I thought about it burning and had a bush downbelow picked out in case I had to jump. The Casablanca, in the southwest corner of thevillage square, did burn later and the gas main to it shot flames 30 feet inthe air.


After I'd been at the Casablanca a few weeks Vi Foxtook pity and let me move to a room in the Coral Gables Dog House building - completewith heat! -- Art Lane

East Shore Ferry Shack


Cappy Britain [whorowed the ferry] was the J. P. and would hold court in the shack. - JackGage


St. Peters School Buses


Charles Krammin stopped by and reflected about St. Peters school buses [on page 71 of thebook]. The bottom photo was the original bus, used 1949 and 1950, then, topphoto was replacement bus. Charles remembers riding both and acting as thedriver's assistant (especially when brakes "went out" (often) and buswould wind up in a snow drift. His mom is 102, taught in Fennville.


Room on theRiver


Up to at leastthe mid 1950's my girl friends and I would row a boat up and down the river. Wehardly ever met a yacht or another boat.

-- Pat(Meyer) Diepenhorst




We werefriends with Jim Unwin [pictured with his book Sandy Sleighfoot] when we operated the food service at Clearbrook Golf Club and he was golf pro. He used to orderhis food via a cartoon!

-- "Cousins " Micki and EmilyJanssen


Island QueenExcursion Boat


The islandQueen was eventually sold to the DetroitMetroparl Kensington. Just this fall (2001) it hasbeen retired per a DetroitFree Press article. Acknowledgment was made to Dick Hoffman (who built it).


A Blue Ford


The car in #638 is my "robinegg blue" Ford. since I was a small child, 1949,my folks brought my brother and I up here. They went into the Ole Crow. We kidsplayed the archery, miniature golf, plus bike for two. - thenJeanne Corliss now Roche.

Helping Mr.Simmons


The summer of 'S9 Bud Naughtin put hand billson car windows for Mr. Simmons advertising Venetian Nigh. He worked for Mr. Simmons throughout thatsummer doing odd jobs.


Simmons TeaRoom


Simmons Tea Roomwas run by Russell and Dorothy Simmons, he was a brother of Bill Simmons, thephotographer. Another sister, Ruth, was a nurse, but later lived in Saugatuck.


Sewers FishHouse


# 369 This is the Sewers fish house east of the Blue Star Highway and north of the BlueStar bridge. It burned in the 1970s. In the background is a distinctive row oftrees south of the river where there used to be a quonset shaped boathouse.


Guy in the Chef's Hat Three identities areoffered:

The local chefis Fred Davis "Chicken As you Like It."


Believe thisto be Frank Parker, chef at Hotel Butler circa 1945-1947. - Robert Kobernik


Could this beMr. Mocini - father of Benny, Vince, Peter and David?


Three Cheersfor Ox-Bow


How nice the Oxbowlooks the same. Thank God. Let's work to keep our heritage intact. -- F. VanHowe


Another CarIdentified


The T-bird atright [in # 744] belonged to Norma (Symons) Bryan. It was the only one in town. She issitting on it.


Then and Now


"Then"is much better than "Now." Strip malls . . sterilestuff! -- A. Janssen

Fishing Tales


RichardGrubbs' grandfather, Gus Hershaw, worked with RubeSewer and Jack Sewers. I remember hearing fishing stories from them.





Why do you keepletting new condos go up? Why can't you leave the quaintness in Saugatuck?


Bands andBreezes


The girl onthe left is Ann Carlyle of Plainwell, my wife from 1950 to 1960. We dated andcame to Oval Beach and the Pavilion often to dancethe evening away to the sound of the big bands and feel the breezes through theopen windows. Thank you for a great exhibit.

-- PhilBoyce


Ann was alsoidentified by her daughter, Diane Durian.




I remember Dadcoming home and telling us the Pavilion burned down. Jack Disselkoenran Anchor Park.


Tara Fire


When the Tara burned in Feb. 1977 the fire engines got there justbefore the kids were to start school at Douglas Elementary. They all ran tolook at the fire and the principal had to go over and herd them back to school.

--Art Lane




# 150, pg. 68.

1st woman,Mrs. Wilma Ramp, on the far left with hand on door hand. Natalie Wicks secondfrom left, Gladys Hadaway, third from left,elementary teacher at Douglas grade school.


[Reaction to solemn faces inpicture] These women scare me. I'm glad they weren't my school teachers. Theywould give night mares.