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History Lives Here Text

The largehouse and cottages that were called Wave Crest have an interesting history. In1864 the land was part of the Jimmy Haile property. Haile had come to Saugatuck before 1850 and built a large columned house along the lakeshore whichwas used as a half-way stop between Saugatuck and South Haven. By 1873 Haile's widow, Martha, had sold off a portion of theproperty and there appears to be a building at about the location of WaveCrest, on the 1873 plat map.


By 1913 asmall, narrow lot was owned by H. L. Masters, who was the father of the poetEdgar Lee Masters. The son wrote in his autobiography, Across Spoon River:"He ran up a flag on his front yard with the device "MastersFarm" and though he was now sixty-one he was as young as ever and couldpitch hay or chop wood with undiminished vigor. He expected to make money outof his eighty bearing cherry trees, and out of hishundreds of peach trees; but he soon found that the market men in Chicago reaped all theprofit in them. His reward consisted, mostly, in looking at Lake Michigan which bordered his frontage, and in swimming in itswaters, and in loafing at the country store near at hand, where he becamefriends with the owner and the farmers about."


When the postcard, above, wasprinted, probably in the 1940's, the large house and an increasing number ofcottages were owned by the Marcotte family. Mrs. Marcotte was a sister to Louise Hiestandof the Edgewater Inn in Saugatuck, and therewas discussion locally about which was the better cook - both were excellent.For a brief period in the 1960's a daughter, Margo Busies, kept the front porchof the main house at Wave Crest open as a Sunday brunch restaurant beforepurchasing The Old Rail Grill and moving into town. A granddaughter, Spring (Busies) Sweeney now owns the Holland restaurant 'TilMidnight.