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Pavilion Memories

Bobbie, my girl friend at the time, and I attended one of the grandopenings. There was a raffle. She was asked to pick the winning ticket for acolor TV. The winner was Mr. Peterson-later he gave her a $20 bill for pickinghis name. We skated in the spring and fall and danced to the music of EmilFlint in the summer. Our paces would quicken when we got within a couple ofblocks of the Pavilion because we could hear the trumpets playing. As kids mybrother and I used to dance free. All we needed to do was pick a couple ofquarts of blackberries for Mrs. Breckenridge and they would pretend to taketickets as we entered. The girls thought we were rich local dudes.-Tony Thias

I spent my young years here and my Dad managed the Pavilion 1942-43. Ihave many fond memories of the area and the people.-Bill Story

Our best memory is meeting at the skating rink the first part of June,1947. Thanks. Mel and Cindy

The summers, about 1935-1942, when we were in elementary school myGrandmother would allow my cousins and I to walk up town all the way from LucyStreet to attend the early movie at the Pavilion theater. There was a differentmovie every night. After the movie, about 9 p.m., Grandma would meet us insidethe dance area. She would visit with the ladies who sold the dance tickets andwe would list to the music, watch the dancers and dream about when we would beold enough to come there to dance.



Wallflowerset Big Pavilion ca 1945

As a teenager I remember going with friends to meet other friends. Wewent not so much to dance, but to gather at the tables at the north end and todrink syrupy Cokes, talk and giggle. We would also walk on the balcony withspecial friends; look at the yachts, and list to the music floating out of theopen doors and across the water. One summer while I was in college several ofus climbed Mount Baldhead at night. I can still see theBig Pavilion with the yachts crowding its docks, hear the music and laughterrising up to us on top of MountBaldhead.-Betty Mulder



BigPavilion lights

One evening at the Pavilion some handsome service men were perusing thegirls. A sailor asked me to dance and an airman asked my sister. I married theairman.-Joyce Eddy Plummer

I remember going to dance at the Big Pavilion while in college. Xavier Cugat was my first big band experience and Abbe Lanesang while holding her little dog.-Marguerite Sisson

In the early 30's myGrandfather, Fred Job, used to take me fishing off the Pavilion dock. In thosedays you could eat what you caught! My wife, Doris, and I spent part of our1947 honeymoon in Saugatuck and danced at the Pavilion.-Bob Mersbach

I remember the bands from Tara, CrowBar and the Big Pavilion getting together at the Dock to improvise andjam.-Marian Van Ry