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Early Memories of Saugatuck Michigan; 1830-1930 (Wm. B. EerdmansPublishing Co.; Grand Rapids)1930. History of Saugatuckpublished in commemoration of the community's centennial in 1930. Includes alarge section of family history mostly gleaned from newspaper obituaries. Illustrated with 12 full page drawings by Saugatuck artist Carl Hoerman.


This is often considered the "basic primer" ofSaugatuck-Douglas history. May Francis Heath (the Francis was a maiden name,not a middle name) was the granddaughter of early Saugatuck settler Stephen A.Morrison. She was a founder of the Saugatuck Woman's Club, chairman of theSaugatuck Centennial of 1930 and a driving force in the community until herdeath in 1961.


Some of the information in this book, especially as it relates to theMorrison family is found nowhere else. There are several errors, especially indates, but most of these are picked up by Mrs. Heath from the 1880 countyhistory, one of her major sources. The listing of boats built in Saugatuck,compiled for her by Cappy Brittainand Carl Bird, is far from complete or perfect, but offers a good startingplace.


EarlyMemories of Saugatuck was published in five distinct editions over a periodof 25 years.


-- Earliest edition, (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publ. Co.: Grand Rapids, Mich)There is no publication date or edition designation anywhere in the book butother sources indicate that it was issued to for the centennial of 1930. Thebook is larger than subsequent editions, 6 x 91/2, 225 pp., with a black spinewith title, and black and white boards. It has the word "DEDICATED" attop of title page verso, no printed name at end of foreword, last biographyAdrian C. Zwemer.


-- "Second edition, 1946" (Wm. B. EerdmansPublishing Company: Grand Rapids, Michigan) Smaller than the firstedition, 5 1/2 x 8 3/4, 228 pp., red boards and no spine title. Beginning withthis edition the book had an ivory and black dust jacket. The body type appearsto have been reset, and a small canoe appears on the title page. In

"Bits of Biography" Samuel WillisonBryan, Capt. Dennis Cummings, Patrick Devine, Fayette Hollister, WarrenPrentice, Martinus Van Leeuwen,James G. Wark, John Wheeler have been added. Last biography Adrian C. Zwemer.


-- "Third Edition, 1947" (Wm. B. EerdmansPublishing Company: Grand Rapids, Michigan), 5 1/2 x 8 3/4.228 pp.,red boards and no spine title. "Singapore" by Fred Davis hasbeen replaced by "Saugatuck Song.", last biography Adrian C. Zwemer, frontispiece, May Francis Heath.


-- "Fourth Edition, 1953" (Wm. B. EerdmansPublishing Company: Grand Rapids, Michigan) S 1/2 x 8 314, 228 pp.,red boards and no spine title, last biography Prof. P. A. Latta.Frontispiece, May Francis Heath.


-- Last edition, no date or edition designation (Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan)5 1/2 x 8 3/4.228 pp., maroon boards and no spine title. Printed signature but notypeset name at the end of the foreword, last biography Prof. P. A. Latta. Frontispiece, May Francis Heath with WilliamG. Butler on the other side. This edition went through many printings.


This canoe logo is found on the titlepage of all editions of the Heath book except the first.


No one is quite sure how many copies were printed. Eerdman'sclaims they have no records about the publication. New copies were stillavailable at Force's Gift shop in Saugatuck as late as 1968. Used copies areoften found in bookstores in Michiganand nearby states. Anything less than $30 is a good buy.

Some libraries have an index to the book which was done in the 1940'sby an area DAR chapter.

Mrs. Heath's, great-grandson Bill Bleekersaid he has recently found what looks like plastic plates used to print thelast edition in the attic of Heathcote, the Heathfamily home on Butler Street.At this time the family has no plans to reissue the book.