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Michigan's struggle for statehood at the verytime that Allegan County was beingorganized and settled made it especially difficult for the fledgling county.This table, designed to accompany a Tuesdays at Noon talk by Kit Lane thissummer, shows a timeline of Michigan's efforts to organize as a state and jointhe Union (in the right column), and development in Allegan County (in the leftcolumn). Several of the ghost towns featured at this summer's exhibit werebegun (and some ended) during this period.



Timeline forMichiganStatehood

Allegan County

1830 - William G. Butler first whitesettler in Allegan County.

March 2, 1831- Allegan Co. set off

March 29, 1833 -Township of Allegan, part of Kalamazoo County.

1833 - Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal study authorized

1834- Saugatuck plat filed

September 1, 1835 -Allegan County organized.

1836- Singaporebegun

March 23, 1836- Allegan County divided into 4 townships

March 2, 1836 -Bronson renamed Kalamazoo

1836 - Breese and Naples appear on state maps.




1787 - Northwest Ordinance

1803 - Ohioadmitted to the Union

1833 - Enabling actcalled "inexpedient" 1834 - Gov. Porter dies, census taken

May-June 1835 - Constitutional convention at Detroit

Summer, 1835 - TOLEDO WAR

September 10, 1835-Mason dismissed as acting territorial governor

Oct. 5, 1835 - Constitutionapproved

October 6, 1835 - elect stateofficials Stevens T. Mason as state governor.

November 2, 1835 - first statelegislature meets, decides to do little

Feb. 1, l836 - second session ofstate legislature

June 15, 1836 Statehood forMichigan approved with U.P. but not Toledo

September 30, 1836-Statehood with changed boundaries defeated

Dec. 14, 1836 at Ann Arbor - Frostbitten Convention approvesstatehood proposal

Dec.27, 1836- Congress notified January 5, 1837 - Bill passes Senate

January 25,1837- Bill passes House


January 26, 1837-Bill signed by President Andrew Jackson