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ca 1945 Dr. Walker





August 2, 1926

Dr. T. J. Walker Saugatuck , Michigan

Re: FA-AX-4199613

Dear Sir:


We have just received aletter from the Home Office stating that they are willing to cover theadditional liability of the patients riding in your automobile. They havequoted us a premium for this coverage which we believe

I believe that we can cover thisliability at the samepremium at which the policy is issued at the present time.


In the meantime you can restassured that you are fully protected in regard to this particular additional hazard and just as soon as we have had a reply to our letter which we are writingtoday to the Home Office we will advise you the exact premium charge.


Please accept this letter as authorizationfor you to have protection including liability on the liability for patientsriding in your automobile.


In the days before ambulanceservice, Dr. R. J. Walker, who served the Saugatuck area 1895 to 1943, carrieda stretcher  in hiscar for the transportation of patients.Concerned about liability he cleared the practice with his insurance company in1926 resulting in this letter sent to the Society by his grandson Bob Barr.Once when Ida Fursman was suffering from anundiagnosed illness Dr. Walker impatiently showed up at her house, told her tograb some clothes, and drove her to the UniversityHospital in Ann Arbor for tests.