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Heroes, Rogues and JustPlain Folks

The 1998museum exhibit, "Heroes, Rogues and Just Plain Folks "featuredbiographical material on 73 personalities who had lived in the Saugatuck-Douglas- Pier Cove area. Each individual display included a small notebookwhere museum visitors could record their own recollections, observations, orfamily stories that pertained to the person being honored. With the publicationof this newsletter the Society has published most of the notebook textscontaining historical information. The first installment appeared in theJanuary 1999 issue. Same are signed, others are not. Together the interestingdetail that they provide helps to bring into more vivid view the picture oflife in the area at various points in history.

Greg Hoffman

Greg knew hehad a tendency to rattle on so he a ways talked as fast as possible to get asmuch in as he could before his listener went on to other things.

Greg wasalways bringing his new books to show everyone. He was very fond of cars andtrucks. he always had some information to share. He knew everyone and we allknew and loved him. Greg was an honored member of the community.

Gregepitomized Saugatuck. The town will never be the same without him. He wasloving and kind and overcame great obstacles. -- Nicki Gallas

Elaine Riehey

Elaine was asuperb violinist but her explanatory speeches between musical numbers werewonderful too. They were masterpieces of musical theory, biographical materialon the life (including love lifer of the composer, tales about previousperformances, etc., although they did tend to ramble in a charming sort of way.

Elaine broughta wonderful high caliber of music to Saugatuck. Our history has been so muchart, it was time we included music too. I hope what she started continues andprospers for a long, long time.

Elaine broughtus chamber music at her highest level, positive, exciting, inspiring and with.ease as only a master can. What a story teller and what a great and down toearth person and that smile, those sparkling eyes. Thanks for your threebeautiful sons, Lee, Craig and Evan and your music and music babies, JamieCrawford, Aaron Berofsky and Dan Kawamura and many others. -- Karen Dunn

Elaine was mysoul-mate and playing Strauss with her was the highlight of my musical life.She made the purest sound I ever heard from an instrument. emanating from apure soul! A model and inspiration to countless musicians, she can't bereplaced. We'll try to do her justice as we keep playing. -- Joan Conway

Elaine was abright gentle woman with an incredible musical gift and the taste for anoccasional, yet important, martini. Her vision and daunting ability forachievement brought Saugatuck this ongoing delight known as the Chamber MusicFestival of Saugatuck. She brought to us laypeople the same understanding ofthe power and beauty of music that she shares with her many students. She hasbecome, even in memory, a permanent part of community.

I was astudent when I met Ms. Richey for the first time in the summer of 1995. hermusicality and her love of music were very contagious, and I sat through manyconcerts holding my breath, not knowing what will come next. She was a verywarm and caring individual.

I wasprivileged to meet Elaine her very first year here, through Chuck Parrott. Ihad never been to a chamber music concert. After hearing Elaine I have becomean avid fan of chamber music. I will never listen to chamber music again that Iwon't think of Elaine and her marvelous sound. -- Jane Badamo

What aprivilege to have been at the beginning of Elaine's artistic gift to ourcommunity. As a person, as an artistic director, as a teacher, as a mentor,Elaine gave total commitment. She and I shared the joys and challenges ofhosting her students at the Douglas UCC parsonage. She is a significant part ofour history of hospitality. -- Jay Muhlenbeck


Elaine was atruly amazing woman to have as a mother. To grow up hearing her sweet violinwas such a privilege. That he music making and love for playing chamber musicwith her sons brought me to Saugatuck has been a wonderful part of my life --creating fond memories. Thank you Saugatuck for treating my mother as oneof your own. She loved you all dearly, and this became her second home. I hopeto return again and again. -- Craig Richey

Everyone wouldsay how fantastic their mother was. But I don't feel silly when I say that mymom was one of the most incredible women to walk on this planet. Her wholepurpose in life was to give to others, through her teaching, playing andparenting. It was her life's work and her love. "How fortunate I am tolove, truly and fully love, what I do," she once said to me. Fortunateindeed for all of us that she loved giving us all so much. -- Evan Richey

I have alwaysthought that I had the incredible fortune to be born into one of the mostwonderful families I know. My mother was truly one of the most beautiful womento ever live and to pick up a violin. her love for Craig and Evan and I and ourfather, her students, and friends, was and will always be felt as a gift toeveryone who came into contact with her. -- Lee Richey



Thomas W."Tuck" Short

Tuck did notlive in Saugatuck for a long time (by local standards) but he definitely madeit his home. He was always cheerful and helping, spreading joy in his path. Wewere so lucky to have him for the short time he was with us!

Tuck was the nicest, happiest person I've ever met. he loved moving toSaugatuck and was always smiling and happy. -- Nicki Gallas

Uncle Tuck, in loving memoryof the fun you gave to me growing up. I'll never forget. -- Michael


In additionto the 73 individual members being honored in the exhibit, visitors wereencouraged to add to a "Tree of Remembrance " and its notebook, otherformer community members that they would like to honor. More than 40 flowerswere tied to the tree, but only one visitor added to the book:

Adam M. DeRyke

Adam M. DeRykecame to America in 1914 via New York. He settled inthe Grand Rapidsarea. he earned his art degree from the RoyalAcademy of Art in Amsterdam,The Netherlands.He taught art and painting at Ox-Bow Summer Art School through the ChicagoInstitute of Art. He has numerous paintings in the Chicagoand Western Michigan areas. he died November9, 1940, in Grand Rapids,aged 61. -- Roberta M. Kemp, Ypsilanti,granddaughter.




One sectionof wall honored well-known visitors to our community including Amelca Earhart,Carl Sandburg, Robby Benson, Thor Heyerdahl, Susan B. Anthony and others. Onlyone individual was added to this notebook:

Magic Johnson

When MagicJohnson visited Saugatuck he parked in front of our cottage on Spear Street andasked how much it cost. We told him no charge. -- Bob Mersbach and Ginny Hill


The notebooks and the information they containwill become a permanent part of the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Societyarchives. Family members who would like a photocopy of the entries in aspecific notebook should contact Kit Lane or Bill Kemperman.