Tales of the Villages
Mapping the Saugatuck-Douglas Storybook
2004 Saugatuck-Douglas Museum Exhibition

Our villages are full of stories. We have only to look to "read" them. Some are hidden away behind attic doors, underneath old furniture, or exist as faded photographs pressed within the dark leaves of albums - all holding private moments or commemorating public happenings.


Tales of the Villages Poster

Some await along lost pathways through old woods or lie within the time-worn patina of old cottages or in the memories evoked by family heirlooms. Some are waiting in the experiences and recollections of people we meet every day. Taken together these stories map connections and currents that flow in many directions, drawing together many people and often far-away places, but all focusing them back home to our own present-day landscape. We understand time and space by knowing  what happened within them.

There are 13 tales to tell ... just click on the Tales of the Villages poster above for the details or click on the Tales of the Villages map to see where the tales take place.

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