from the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society
Tuesday, July 16 at 11 am
Old School House History Center
Tuesday Talks

"Tuesday Talks", a summertime weekly series of one-hour lectures at the Old School House, 130 Center St. in Douglas

Photo by Jody Simoes

"Climate Change and West Michigan"
by Kimberly Hall
Tuesday, July 16
starting at 11 a.m.
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Wells Street Consulting - Valerie Atkin

Great Lakes Climate Change Ecologist Kimberly Hall will be presenting the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society Tuesday Talk on July 16 at the History Center in the Old School House, 130 Center Street in Douglas. The talk begins at 11 am.

Kimberly Hall

Hall, who is part of The Nature Conservancy, will be presenting Climate Change and West Michigan. She will describe climate changes that have taken place over the past 100 years in Michigan and the Great Lakes region. Some changes that will be specifically discussed include changes in temperature, precipitation patterns and ice cover. Changes specific to the Saugatuck - Douglas area will also be discussed.

Hall studies the long term trends of climate change in our region. These changes have led to an impact on wild species, natural systems and people. Changes have effected agriculture, water quality and public health.

Finally, Hall will speak about climate change adaptation. She believes there are ways that we can use the information on what is changing and what is sensitive to change to help protect people and nature in the region. By restoring and protecting nature, climate change - related risks to wild species and nature can be reduced.

Hall, who has a background in wildlife conservation, came to working on climate change after earlier work addressing habitat loss and other risks to migratory birds. "I became convinced that climate change was the most pressing threat to wild species, and shifted my focus to this area," she said.

For more information on climate change in the Great Lakes Region, click HERE.

The talk is free and the public is invited, but seating is limited so early arrival is recommended.

See you on Tuesday at the Old School House when the bell rings at 11 AM.