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Wednesday, September 9, 7:00PM, Old School House Old Cottage Life presented by some old time summer people. Come and learn what life was like around here 50 or 60 years ago. You will have many good laughs!

Wednesday, October 14, 7:00 PM, Old School House Golf And Other Passions - The History of Golf In Saugatuck-Douglas Art Lane (when he is not playing golf) is the coordinator for this meeting.

Wednesday, November 11, 7:00 PM, To be announced.

Sunday, December 6, 6:00 PM, Coral Gables
Annual Holiday Party


Tuesday 'Til Noon talks continue promptly at 11 AM every Tuesday through August at the Old School House. The 2009 season focuses on "Summertime - A Century of Leisure at the Lake Michigan Shore".

August 25 - Bill Plium spent much of his 1950s childhood and then teen and college years at Oval Beach as an observer of the social life at one of Michigan's most famous beaches. His parents were the originators of the beach’s concession business, first in a small trailer built by his Dad and then in a series of beach houses.

In this enterprise they invented a food and drink menu that today is a virtual food history of the 1950s - as well witnessed the 'golden age' of Saugatuck's beach life, complete with all sorts of characters (e.g. Grover Stout, known as "Mayor of the Beach") as well as the 1950s and 1960s when the Oval Beach was invaded by teems of young people to make it Michigan's Ft. Lauderdale. Until recent times his mother carried on the concession business.

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Pump House Museum


Upbeat tunes emitting from the electric keyboard of Glenn resident Al Weener greeted 70 members as they unloaded their picnic baskets at the Society's annual picnic on Wednesday, August 12.

Jane Underwood's Brown-eyed Susans and Coreopsis brightened food categories on the groaning tables. All ate well, chatted, caught up on summer activities and enjoyed the marvelous views of the Kalamazoo River.

It was a perfect evening for a Mt. Baldhead Pavilion gathering and the invitation to walk across Park Street to visit our museum!                  submitted by Jane Osman


Thanks to Jodi Goshorn for sharing this photo of the 1956-57 Saugatuck High School Basketball team. Coached by Bud Whipple and Captained by her late husband Stanley (holding ball), varsity members included Ralph Birkholtz, Victor Mayer, Frank Lovejoy, Chuck Schoppe, Bob Brackenridge, Harvey Slotman, Bill Hedglin and Frank Lamb. Saugatuck was the smallest school in the Allegan-Van Buren League that year with 84 students in the top four grades.

The April 5, 1957 Commercial Record, covering the annual Rotary Banquet for Basketball Teams and Coaches, reported that the Saugatuck team was "District Champion" finishing 5th in the Al-Van league. Their season record was 11 wins and 10 losses.

Stanley was his SHS senior class Vice-President, and went on to serve in the U.S. Navy. He retired from both the Saugatuck Fire Department and the Allegan County Road Commission. A resident of Saugatuck, he and Jodi had been married for 44 years when he passed away in 2005.                           contributed by Chris Yoder


Under an ad which says "For a dish of fresh oysters go to R. F. Kleeman's. He also has them for sale at 40 cents per can.”, the Commercial Record of Sept. 10, 1880 gives the following dietary advice: "Eat Oysters in the months that boast an R, and drink whiskey in the months that hold a Q". Click HERE to learn more about Reinhold F. Kleeman

Article by Jim Hayden, Holland Sentinel, August 13, 2008

You'll know they're in town. The shoulder epaulets and pocket emblems on the blue blazers will be a tip-off.

About 35 past yacht club commodores from the United States and Canada will be in Saugatuck and Douglas as party of the summer regional meeting of the International Order of the Blue Gavel August 20-23.

"The IOBG chapter at Tower Harbour Yacht Club is relatively new, having been founded in 2008, but we agreed to take it on," said Bob Sapita, president District 23, which includes upper and western Michigan.

District Director Francis D. Ramsey, a Michigan native who recently moved to Florida, suggested the West Michigan area for the meeting. Ramsey, who was born in Detroit and is past commodore of the Mackinaw Yacht Club, is familiar with the Saugatuck-Douglas area.

"Being from Michigan, I thought of Saugatuck-Douglas because it was a new club," he said.

The International Order of the Blue Gavel was formed more than 50 years ago to unite past commodores to promote the ideals of yachting and preserve the traditions, according to the group's web site.

As part of that mission, Sapita developed an electronic presentation called "Nautical Flag Etiquette."

"The presentation focuses on the correct way to fly the U.S. flag, foreign nation flags, private flags, signal flags, etc. on both power and sail boats," he said.

It's available on the web site of the yacht club and the Blue Gavel site.

"We try to educate the public to the proper ways of boating." Ramsey said.

Participants will meet in different locations in Saugatuck and Douglas, including the Old School House, Everyday People Cafe, Coral gables, Mount Baldhead Park and the Star of Saugatuck.

Tower Harbour Yacht Club was founded in 1983 at Tower Marine in Douglas and hosts youth sailing programs and races. Its clubhouse was once used as a chicken coop before it was renovated, according to the club's web site.

by Jack Sheridan
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HISTORY: The hotel in the background next to the ferry landing is the Tourist Home.
MYSTERY: It was assembled by moving structures to this site. What were the structures?

HISTORY: The Mt. Baldhead Hotel, on Water Street next to the ferry, goes up in smoke.
MYSTERY: Do you know the date?


HISTORY: In 1979, it was a pleasant summer home overlooking the river.
MYSTERY: What is it today?


HISTORY: Ca. 1940, a fine restaurant overlooking the river.
MYSTERY: Name the restaurant and the location.

HISTORY: Today the parking is parallel and the Commercial Office
has moved but the building is still there.
MYSTERY: Where in Saugatuck is it located?


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"Summertime: A Century of Leisure at the Lake Michigan Shore"

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