Rain Cistern Installed
May 17-19, 2011

Cistern pit is dug into a low spot in OSH yard.

Plastic 1250-gallon cistern tank is lowered into pit;
yard sprinkler system will draw from stored rainwater.

Manhole turret is installed atop tank.

Tank is backfilled with gravel.

Tubes are attached at turret (at right, inflow tube from
roof runoff drains; at left, overflow relief tube).

Infiltration field for excess rainwater is prepared north
of the cistern as a shallow pit lined with plastic baskets
to create a 1000-gallon underground cavity.

Permeable fabric covers infiltration field baskets.

Layer of gravel is spread atop permeable fabric.

Gravel layer is covered with second sheet of permeable fabric.
Dirt will cover the fabric in final grading of the yard topsoil.

Overflow tube is positioned to discharge
onto the infiltration field.

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