Leiendecker's Inn As It Will Look Next Season

Work will be begun on the addition to Leiendecker's Inn as soon as the lumber arrives, which is expected now almost any day. The building when completed will cover about twice the ground that the present structure occupies and have 37 sleeping rooms with a complete electric bell system from each room. The dining room, which overlooks the river, will be enlarged so that 100 guests can sit at the table at one time. The bar and pool room will be 56x20 and one of the features of this department will be a steen room. The same effect will be carried out on the addition as in the original structure, namely: The addition will be three stories high and similar to the other part in general appearance so that, as the older part has been well taken care of, no one can tell but what the entire structure was built at the same time. P. H. Hancock has taken the contract to do the work.

The dock which has been in bad shape for the past season will be repaired and everything about the premises put in first-class order.

SOLUTION: In November of 1905, The Commercial Record ran this on the front page. Over the next 100 years, the Inn was named the Columbia Hotel, Hotel Saugatuck and the Coral Gables.

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