Dec 28, 2005

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Impossible as it now seems, within ninety days the Big Pavilion grew from pilings driven on the swampy rivers edge to the Big Pavilion completed on time.

Imagine the shock - standing on the corner of Mason and Water (try it today - standing in front of Marros) - the view of the country, Douglas and tranquil Kalamazoo Lake had been replaced by a giant red, barrel roofed, dance hall palace, half a block long and with four steeples towering above the tallest trees! Picture 5000 colored lights suddenly lighting up a dark village street in a town that did not yet have electricity! A feast of a scene to say the least.

Would this put Saugatuck on the resort map? The pavilion dream of Mr. Limouze and partners was now a reality right there in downtown Saugatuck. The next trick was to get folks to come inside and spend money. Stay tuned ... by Jack Sheridan

Thanks goes to Kit Lane and her book "Saugatuck's Big Pavilion: The Brightest Spot on the Great Lakes".  It is available from the Historical Society and at most local book stores.

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