May 25, 2005

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April 29, 1861 - Allegan Journal report
of meeting at the Morrison Hall



In April of 1861, when word reached Michigan about the attack on Fort Sumter, by the army of the newly-formed Confederate Stares of Americans, citizens around the state called meetings to support the Union and to rally those who would be soldiers in the Union cause. The citizens of Saugatuck and vicinity met at Morrison's Hall on Monday evening, April29.

Levi Loomis, Ganges farmer, was chairman, and James G. Butler, who was the son of Saugatuck founder, William J. Butler, was elected secretary. George Harris, whose family owned the drug store in Saugatuck; F. B. Wallin, who ran a tannery on Goshorn Creek; Elisha Mix, a farmer from Manilus Township (later to be a Civil War general) and Nelson Wade of Douglas made up the Committee on the Resolutions. Wallin and F. B. Stockbridge, a local mill owner (later to be a United States Senator), provided the oratory -  accompanied by a "few national songs" from the local glee club. by Kit Lane



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Morrison Hall - corner of Butler and Culver

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Levi Loomis

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James Butler

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F. B. Stockbridge

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Nelson Wade

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Elisha Mix

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F. B. Wallin

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