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 SAUGATUCK, JUNE 27, 2008 -- "Tuesdays 'til Noon", a weekly series of lectures at the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society Museum, will begin its 2008 season Tuesday July 8, at 11 a.m., with Anne Corlett Wiley speaking on "A Century of Corletts Paint the Lakeshore."

Anne Wiley is one of two living artists represented in the Museum's 2008 exhibit, "13 Moments in Time: The Artist as Storyteller" which features 13 pieces of art done in Saugatuck between 1898 and 2002. Each picture depicts a specific moment in time and tells a story about life in the area.

The Corlett family first came to the Douglas lakeshore for vacations in the late 1800s, when Anne's grandmother, Helen Corlett was a child. Helen later emerged as an amateur artist, was graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago and pursued painting, primarily in watercolors, often bringing groups of friends here to paint the scenery, until her death in 1978. Her painting of Douglas is among those featured in the new Museum exhibit.

Like her grandmother, Anne Corlett Wiley began visiting this area as a child, developed an enthusiasm for painting and was greatly influenced by her grandmother's devotion to art. She was graduated from the University of Wisconsin with an art degree and has frequently painted our lakeshore and surrounding area. Recently she began a series of dunes scenes in the medium of pastels.

Her talk will include her family's history in the area, sharing some of her grandmother's writings of her early summers here, which paint an interesting verbal portrait of the area. She also will discuss her techniques in the use of pastels and why she prefers them to oil or watercolors for dunes scenes.

The Tuesdays 'til Noon talks are held in the south gallery of the Museum, with audience capacity limited to 50 guests so early arrival is recommended. The program ends promptly at noon when the Museum opens for the day.

Founded in 1992, the Saugatuck-Douglas Museum occupies the historic Saugatuck Pump House at 735 Park Street, along the west shore of the Kalamazoo River at Mt. Baldhead Park, a short walk north from the Saugatuck Chain Ferry landing. Admission and parking are free. Tel: (269) 857-7900.

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